Monday, January 18, 2010

Loneliness by Chris Littenberg....

The other night I came across a very nice girl from Israel. She was playing a couple hands of Texas Hold’em and then two men came into the room. These two men were young Palestinian men who made it clear with the room that the young girl from Israel wasn’t welcome by them. There is no reason for me to go into details but it did get to a point where the entire room was in an uproar. While seeing the room I came to wonder how lonely life can truly be.

I have wanted to write this post/blog like this for quite some time, but never knew what to say. I could go ahead and say we need to stop the fighting and let peace reside, but after seeing the anger and just meanness and hatred there is in the world that would never work. Fighting will not solve anything as long as hatred presides and until people realize that then there cannot be peace.

Here is a question…Why can’t we get along? Why do people have to hate each other? It’s not even a matter of wanting to hate them but having to hate them.

Hatred is a really hard thing to truly understand. I’m not going to go into religion with this because this has to do with human nature not religious views. This has to do with greed and lust and all of those things that make people just go crazy. You take everyone in the world and find something each of them doesn’t like about someone they dislike and see what it’s about. Palestinians and the Israelis are fighting over a city and they say it’s for their religion but they have been doing it for so long it is hard to believe that they aren’t just fighting because that’s what they were taught that they had to do.

Can you imagine if one of them decided that the life that is being sacrificed isn’t worth it? What would happen? Would the person be killed and in turn rallying others who have their doubts? What if you decided that the person you loath might have their own problems and does what they do because it’s their only reaction?

I understand greed, I understand hatred, I understand not even wanting to help someone because you don’t want to be uncomfortable. Trust me I do, but until the world stops looking out for itself and looks out for others life will stay the same.

SO here is another question…If you have a flashlight and there is someone in the dark would you not lend them the light or at least help them find their way out?

It is truly that easy… :)

Doing something nice for someone every day, just taking a moment in the world to stop and help someone. Not because someone told you to not because everyone else is doing it no…because you realize that life is soooo much more fulfilling when you help people without reward. Don’t expect to find a way that you benefit from helping someone. If you do then you’re not helping them you’re helping yourself.

Everyone needs a friend; everyone needs a shoulder to cry on (yeah guys to); it just takes the moment to step into the dark with them and together find the light.

During the arguing I watched the young girl just sit back and play the game. She didn’t say anything to the men she just sat there and took it. It made me realize how lucky I am to have friends of all different types how I live in a country where you don’t have a constant hatred. The things that people underestimate like friends, family, and freedom come at a high price and we are lucky as a country all around.

Help someone today, maybe even call someone you know who has had a difficult time recently and lend a light…


Chris said...

Hi I was wondering how you obtained this

thestjohnlady1 said...

Hi Chris, (Nicky here)
You said I could post it on my blog; I asked you on facebook ~ I thought it was amazing and I had to share...
If you wish me to remove it, just say ~ am happy to.