Monday, January 18, 2010

My views on the environment and climate change...

I know I might be in a minority here, but it bothers me that these Science boffins are all for cutting back on paper and what have you... they say (among many arguments) that the trees are not being replaced and therefor the world (o2 and stuff) suffers.

For instant I am constantly being told that "changing to paperless billing" by my bank account/credit card people will "save the environment" and stuff... I believe this to be a load of rubbish! I am of the opinion that it is only done to save THEMSELVES money, not me... THEM.

Here is why I think this, my parents ~ Dad especially ~ have been in the paper trade for the past 30 odd years. They have worked for at least two of the "big" paper companies here in the UK. (Robert Horn & Howard Smith) Most paper companies worth anything will use wood/trees from a Sustainable Forest. In other words for each tree cut down, three are planted in their place.

Many companies I am sure get their paper from other forests like this, and should do so more... I would like to see companies who think doing EVERYTHING online coming clean and being honest. Tell us that is it only to save YOU money, tell us that you get the cheapest paper going and cannot say where it comes from if this is the case... why not tell us where your paper comes from anyways?

While I do think that climate change is happening and is a problem, I do not want to be made to feel like I have to do stupid things to help out save your daft ass from messing it up in the first place! (humour there guys... but you get the idea) I will turn off things when I am not using it, I will try conserve energy more etc. I would do that anyway, but I happen to LIKE getting a bill through my door!

(I cannot always get onto my pc to get a bloody answer anyways! There's another thing that annoys me!!! We'll leave that for another time though...)

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