Monday, June 23, 2008

Glad I Called You.

I have been a soccer fan for the past ten years now and although I have sometimes wished I supported a ‘bigger’ club I was always proud of the fact that I was like my family and friends in that I supported my local team over all the other ‘bigger’ clubs. Although my local team wasn’t the best in the world we had a good history and had been going for, at the time one hundred years. I would go to as many matches as I could, and unlike a lot of my friends who went I was more interested in the history of the club and ex players than I was with the current players. So when I got the chance to meet some of the clubs ex players I couldn’t wait and soon found myself excitedly waiting for the day to come. The club had always been what was known as a lower league club and had only once ever managed a season in the highest league there were, many of the players that had taken the team to the top league were due to be at this player reunion I had been invited to and I was more than a little excited to have the chance to meet these players. There was one player in particular I was looking forward to meeting, called Theo who had been something of a family favourite over the recent years.

The night of the reunion fell upon my eighteenth birthday so as I stood with my parent’s friend I was more than a little anxious but certainly excited, knowing that I would be able to meet players and people I had heard so much about. Over the course of the evening I had met many current and ex players of the club, along with managers and staff of the club. I had also collected many autographs and birthday wishes, and was happily chatting away to them all but still in the back of my mind I was thinking about Theo.

“And how old are you my dear?” The tall guy smartly dressed asked watching his companion sign autographs. I had seen the man before and knew him to be the clubs chairman John; smiling up at him I answered him.

“I’m eighteen today.” Smiling I tell him who I am waiting for and sense my smile turning into a beaming great grin.

“He’s my favourite.” I can hardly contain my excitement as he smiles back at me and tells me that Theo’s due and should be there soon.

“I’m sure Theo will be here soon. Take care my love and have a good birthday.” Smiling as he walked away I wasn’t expecting the chairman to be so nice or easy to talk to, for a little while I thought about him but soon my mind was back on Theo and praying he would turn up soon.

I had been stood there for ages and although I had been having a great time I had almost given up home of meeting Theo, I was about to call it quits when I spotted a car carrying someone who looked like Theo. As the car parked and the occupants got out I could tell instantly that it was him and trying to stay calm I waited with the others for him to come over to us, as he approached I lost all my confidence and nerve and almost cowered behind my parent’s friend getting him to do my talking for me.

“Sweetheart, you don’t need to shy away from me.” Theo said as he smiled at me as the friend I was hiding behind asked him to sign my book. As I started to relax I held out my hand as we greeted each other, “I’m so pleased you could make it, I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you.” But of course that was all in my mind, what I had actually said was a lot different to what I had wanted to say!

“I love you.” Was what I said and then promptly blushed and tried to hide behind our family friend, smiling and pulling me into his arms Theo made me feel better by putting me at ease.

“Thank you my dear, I’m glad someone cares about me.” Signing my autograph and smiling at me I looked up into his eyes and was captivated by them.

After a long and exciting day I had finally got all the autographs I could and had met Theo, calling it a night our family friend called my folks and after saying goodbye to the friends we had made, we left. But not before I saw Theo one last time, there was something about this man that just captivated me.

“Thank you for putting me at easy earlier, I really appreciated it.” I said as I tried to not only to be confident but also make this moment last. Smiling and taking my hand in his Theo’s smile and eyes were enough to put me at ease.

“It’s quite alright my dear, I am glad you came to see me tonight.” His words came in the form of a smooth southern Irish accent and his charm was evident, neither of us wanted to leave and as we stood talking about nothing in particular my folks walked in alerting me to the fact that I really should go.

“Come on Nicky, it’s time to go. Remember you still have that birthday party planned.” My mother called out without looking up, finally doing so when Theo spoke.

“You should have said it was your birthday, I could have brought you a drink my love. Thank you for coming to see me, how old are you?” Kissing me on the cheek as he spoke, Theo smiled and led me towards the door and my mother who greeted Theo warmly.

“I’m eighteen today, and I wouldn’t have missed tonight for the world. Thank you for the autograph Theo.” I said as I wished I could stay but knowing I couldn’t, I finally and very reluctantly left and went onto my party. Over the next few years I went through some good and bad times, many of which revolved around the club. I saw the club win promotion and take a trip to the then Mecca of soccer, Wembley Stadium. I also met Theo on a further three occasions and each time we would talk and get on like a house on fire, wishing that each time would last forever. But then things would start going wrong, jobs I had fell through and friends I thought would last forever didn’t. Over the course of the following five years I would be hurt many times by guys I thought would love me and then chose to hurt me, one of which was the chairman of the club; John. He was my first lover and although I thought he loved and cared about me I quickly learnt I was wrong, as he became the first man I fell in love with he and the first to break my heart. I would cry over him for many years to come, but he wasn’t going to be the only man to cause me pain and break my heart. When I turned twenty one I was sexually assaulted and raped by a man I thought was my friend, at that moment in time I thought my life was over. It was thanks to another man that worked at the club that I started to mend and heal, but as I turned twenty seven I quickly learnt that I was wrong again.

He would end up cheating on me and leaving me on my birthday in the middle of a foreign country, scared frightened and very much alone. My life had certainly been through the mill and through it all there was one constant thing, my soccer club and the friends I had made there. Although I hadn’t seen Theo for a good four years I would often think of him and would wonder how he was, after I had turned twenty nine and I had heard off two ex players passing away I thought I would contact Theo. Wanting to find out how he was became a bit of problem when everywhere I tried drew blanks, and although I had thought about giving up I was determined to at least make sure he was ok. Finally with the help of friends and colleagues I managed to track him down and after chickening out several times I found the courage to pick up the phone and called him. Feeling the nerves rising deep within me it must have taken me four attempts at calling him before I took the easy route and wrote to him instead, weeks went by before I got an answer and as I had expected he called me.

“I’m so glad you contacted me Nicky, I heard things have been rough of late for you.” The concern was genuine and evident in his voice, after assuring him I was ok and passing the time of day we arranged to meet and then said our goodbyes.

When we had first met I admit that I probably fancied him a little, but at the time I was eighteen and he was fifty eight! It was not something I could ever see happening, but the fact we were friends and the thought of being able to see someone I could trust was enough to make my excitement rise again, and as the day came and I got ready to meet him I could feel the nerves rising too.

“I know it sounds daft Jay, I just can’t help it.” I admit to my friend who was sat, not only trying to comfort me but also help me choose what I should wear. Sighing deeply Jay spoke knowing she didn’t need to but wanting to.

“You always do this Nicky, you know you will be fine so stop worrying!” Smiling at her as she looked over to me with the same look I knew she would give me, I tried not to laugh as I continued to get ready.

“I know and I am sure you are right, I just can’t help worrying about it.” Shaking her head and rolling her eyes Jay just sighed, causing us both to fall about in fits of laughter. After three more outfit changes I was finally ready and headed of to the local bar unsure of just what I was doing.

As Theo sat wondering if he was doing the right thing I was thinking of all the hurt I had been through mainly but also just what I really wanted to happen, both of us seemingly unsure as to where this night would lead or even end. Walking in the door, I spotted Theo first and stood watching him for a little while, watching as he tried to make sense in his mind of what this evening had in store for us both. Approaching him Theo seemed more than a little relieved that I had turned up and greeted me with a huge hug and a lingering kiss on the cheek, lingering for as long as he could Theo whispered into my ear how good I looked.

“You looked stunningly beautiful my dear, I’m glad you could make it.” Taking a deep breath as he spoke to me I inhaled his scent and could tell he was doing the same to me, pulling away slightly he spoke again.

“I must be honest I wasn’t sure you would come tonight.” Blushing shyly I could sense something stirring inside of me as his words soothed my fears and nerves.

“Of course I would Theo! I’m just glad you are here and ok.” Smiling I could feel my own desire rising, trying to quell them because I was unsure if I should be feeling them. As we relaxed into each others company we both started to chat more and feel comfortable with each other.

As we sit down to dinner the conversation is flowing and we find that we have many things in common, as we talk about everything and anything both of us can tell we are skirting around why we both turned up and how we felt. That was until Theo took a deep breath and spoke honestly.

“I must say that your beauty stuns me, when I first met you I thought you were beautiful.” Pausing for a moment the nerves Theo felt could translated into the look of worry in his eyes and the sweaty palms he was now sporting.

“You are so stunningly beautiful, I feel like you are no longer the girl I first met.” Knowing it wasn’t what he meant but being afraid to say what he really felt Theo went silent all of a sudden and made me worry that something was wrong, trying to understand what it was I was feeling and what Theo was saying was more than a little hard work for me.

“Theo what are you saying? I called because I missed you, wanted to see you and was worried about you.” Realising what I felt inside was something more than lustful desire I wanted to tell him how I felt, trouble was I had no real idea of how I felt. The feelings I had, I have never felt before. Taking a deep breath I went to speak again, when Theo stopped me and spoke.

“When we first met I saw you as a girl and friend, tonight you became a woman and one I would very much like to get to know better.”

Worrying that he was wrong and I wouldn’t feel the same Theo couldn’t bring himself to look at me and as we sat in silence I tried to work out what he meant, felt and wanted. Trying to figure out what I felt was hard enough but when I tried to figure out what Theo was feeling too was more than I could take at that moment and as the bill came and was paid I was half way out the door before Theo had his coat on. Rushing to catch me up Theo spoke, already worrying that in his mind he could never be enough for me or make me happy.

“I’m sorry if I have made you feel uncomfortable by my comments, it wasn’t meant or something I wanted.” Pausing Theo knew he had to be honest.

“I just wanted to tell you that I like you a lot and find you very attractive.” Still not able to look up at me Theo took my hand in his and we headed back towards my flat in silence, both trying to understand our feelings. As we reached my door I invited Theo in for coffee unsure where I wanted this to end but knowing I didn’t want to let him walk away and the evening to end.

“I really like you too Theo, I guess that’s part of the reason I wanted to call.” I was finally able to say as I handed him the coffee and we sat on the sofa close together.

“I am so glad that you did call me Nicky.” Theo replied as he took me into his arms, kissing my forehead. We talk more as he slowly caressed my body, feeling things I haven’t felt in years I close my eyes and continue to get lost in the moment. We both felt so relaxed and comfortable in each others company that when Theo’s hand brushed over my breast I wasn’t in the slightest bit embarrassed or shocked, I was rather highly aroused by it all and as Theo went to apologise I stop him and speak.

“Theo its ok, you don’t have to apologise.” Putting my hand over his I turn to face him and I can sense my own desire being returned in his own eyes, gently stroking his face I smile. There is almost an unasked question in his eyes and I nod silently as I move back into his arms, while I still faced Theo I lent forward slightly so that I was now inches away from his lips. Silence surrounding us we both sat perfectly still for a long moment before Theo moved forward those few extra inches, laying a slow tender kiss upon my wanton lips. Quickly I am lost in the passion of the moment and these new feelings, gently Theo caressed my highly sensitive body with his soft hands.

I had already discreetly undone some of the buttons on my blouse and I was relieved to notice that Theo had done the same, we both seemingly wanted the same thing and as I started to relax and feel more bold I undo the rest of Theo’s shirt buttons. As Theo did the same to my blouse I feel him hesitate and pull away slightly, noticing he can’t take his eyes off my bountiful breasts, I watch as his hands move slightly towards them and then as if he felt he shouldn’t he pulled them away again.

“It’s ok Theo.” I say as I take his hands and move them on my breasts, looking down I notice his cock for the first time and how it twitches and strains to be released from its tight fabric confines. Sighing deeply Theo gently caresses my breasts never taking his eyes from my own; I reach behind me and release my bra allowing my breasts to spill easily from them. Moving so I was sat back upon the sofa Theo was now knelt between my legs, stroking my thighs with one of his hands while the other stroked my breasts. Looking deep into my eyes again I notice the same unasked question and I nod again as Theo kissed me, letting his passion and desire grow even more. As we caress each other Theo started to kiss his way down my body, planting soft tender kisses all over my body, all the way down to my breasts.

Taking first one then the other softly in his hands Theo laid soft tender kisses all around my breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth slowly as he kissed and caressed them while stroking the rest of my body with his soft hands. In silence we continued to caress each others bodies, both knowing neither of us wanted this night to end. By now the short skirt I was wearing had ridden up past the tops of my thighs, so when Theo went back to caressing them he now found my silk stocking clad legs and knickerless pussy. Hearing the small cry of pleasure escaping from his lips was enough to tell me he wanted this night to continue and as I pulled his closer to me it told him the feeling were mutual. Taking his fingertips and gently tracing the line my thighs took from my knees to the tops of my thighs Theo took great delight in slowly caressing this line over and over again, as I moaned and let out a deep gasp he understood I wanted this to continue. Moving his hands so they softly rested on my hips Theo’s hands were so large that with easy he could reach the outline of my pubic mound with his thumbs, over and over again he let his thumbs trace the outline while all I could do was pant breathlessly that I wanted him to continue.

“Please don’t stop Theo.” Is all I am able to manage hoarsely whispering close to his ear, acknowledging with a slight nod Theo moved the back of his forefinger to my pussy and slowly strokes the outer lips sending a jolt through my body. Sharply I inhale causing him to smile and kiss me again; as we kiss passionately Theo moved his forefinger back to my pussy and slowly inserted it inside my already soaking wet pussy. Moaning softly against his lips caused Theo to pull me closer feeling the desire and passion rising in both of our bodies, as he inserted another finger inside me and coating them both with my juices.

“Mmmm, Oh Nicky.” Theo softly mumbles against my lips as his fingers move out of my pussy and starts to slowly rub my clitoris and already highly sensitive nub, getting lost in the moment we both continue to caress each other and soon Theo’s lips are parting from my own and moving back to my breasts. After a little while Theo stops and is silent causing me to open my eyes, we look deeply into each others eyes in silence before he speaks.

“Are you sure you want to take this relationship further Nicky?” I sat there silently shocked realising that I was wrong to assume this would be a one night stand, but also unsure that any relationship could work between us; the age gap being the main problem.

Looking down from his eyes for a moment I could see his rock hard cock still straining to be released from their tight fabric confines of his black trousers, seeing my look shifting Theo took my hand in his and gently placed it over his hard cock. Gasping softly I slowly begin to rub him through the fabric, causing him to moan audibly.

“I’m sure Theo; I don’t want this night to end. But not here, can we take this somewhere a little more comfortable?” Standing up and helping me to my feet I take Theo by the hand and lead him off to my bedroom, in silence we stand in the middle of the room together and slowly being to undress each other. Theo gently removed my blouse as I remove his shirt and we stop to caress each other, next he unzipped my skirt and lets it fall to the ground as I step out of it he pulls me closer to him and kissed me while holding onto my ass cheeks. While we continue to kiss I slowly undo Theo’s belt buckle and unzip his trousers sliding them a little way down until they fall to the ground also, rubbing myself against him I can feel his hardness against my body through his boxers. Pulling back slightly I begin to rub his hardness through the fabric of his boxers causing Theo to moan softly against my lips, as we move to my bed I sit on the edge of his bed as we continue kissing. Taking my hands in his own Theo places them back to his cock and boxers alerting me to the fact we should continue, obliging I slowly slide his boxers off his hips and down his legs, as they fall to the ground he kicks them to one side as I boldly move my hand back to his cock.

Gasping slightly against his lips Theo can sense my surprise as I slowly begin to move my hand up and down his shaft in solid movements, pulling away from his kiss my eyes move down towards his cock and I am surprised at his size, watching how his desire grows with the movements of my hand on his cock. As he lets out a small cry of pleasure I can no longer stop myself and leaning forward and taking the base of his cock firmly in my hand I gently kiss and lick the tip of his cock before taking him fully and easily into my mouth, moving my other hand to his huge balls. Moaning a little louder this time Theo takes my head gently in his hands and slowly begins to thrust into my willing mouth, his eyes never leaving my own as I suck and lick him hungrily.

“Please stop, I don’t want to cum too soon.” Theo breathlessly manages to pant at me as he stops thrusting; pulling away Theo kneels in front of me and kissed me with such passion that it felt like his life depended upon it. As we kiss he moved his two fingers back to my sopping wet pussy and inserting them back inside, costing them again with my juices and then slowly searching for my G spot. Finding it quickly I was amazed a how easily it was for him to create these emotions inside of me, and the range of emotions I could go through so quickly too.

Slowly kissing his way down my body Theo removed his fingers and began rubbing my swollen clitoris gently, at first all I felt was his breath on my pussy and clitoris then his mouth slowly kissed its way around my pussy lips. Moving his fingers away from my clitoris Theo continued to gently caress and kiss all over my thighs and pussy lips, slowly building up the desire deep inside my body. Slowly Theo’s tongue is licking the outer lips of my pussy before he slowly worked the tip of his tongue deeper inside, probing further inside of me. Exploring my inner depths, Theo moved his thumb back to gently brushing over my swollen and highly aroused clitoris causing me to moan softly. Placing my hands in his hair I laid back upon my bed and closed my eyes and gave myself over to all the new and explosive emotions deep within me, feelings I never thought I would feel again. His long tongue is slowly exploring every bit of my pussy, creating a longing in me, a longing to be taken to a place I'd never been before, taking one of my hands away from his hair I slowly begin to stroke my own body taking one of my breasts and caressing it. Moaning softly Theo began to move his tongue towards my clitoris and after a slight pause was soon seeking the hardened nub out, causing me to open my eyes with a start and call out his name.

“Oh Theo, please.” Is all I can manage to breathlessly moan as I start to feel my orgasm building, taking my hardened nipple in between my thumb and forefinger I gently pull it a little making it stand out even more. Softly stroking my breast I then move my hand across to the other breast and do the same to it, pulling a little more on this nipple enjoying the feeling as I do. Taking my other hand from Theo’s head I take both my breasts into my hands and continue to caress them, pulling gently at the ever hardening nipples as I do. As Theo moves his tongue back to my pussy I feel him probing deep inside again, caressing my things with his hands as he continues to lap at my pussy. Slowly moving one of my hands down towards my clitoris I feel nervous, never having 'touched' myself in front of a guy before I’m not entirely sure I can bring myself to do it now but as I adjust myself I can see Theo look up at me with his deep eyes and I feel relaxed enough to continue. Taking a deep breath and hoping he doesn't think I'm not getting off on what he's doing I slowly being to search for my own hardened clitoris, moving my hips up slightly I can feel him probing further with his tongue and can sense he’s happy to continue. Softly I rub my finger across my clitoris randomly searching for that spot I know always makes me cum as I find it I begin to feel my own orgasm getting closer, and as I take another of my fingers to it I can tell it won’t be long before I come.

As Theo pushes his tongue deeper inside me as I begin to rub my clitoris a little faster and can’t resist thrusting my hips not only against his mouth but also my own fingers, moments later I called out that I was cuming and placed my free hand back in Theo’s hair holding him there. Not wanting to come down from this high I tired to keep rubbing but as my clitoris became to sensitive to my fingers I stopped, which allowed Theo to move his tongue back to my highly sensitive clitoris. As he gently searched for my nub again I began to feel another orgasm building deep within me, finding the spot easily it took Theo seconds before I felt myself cum again calling out his name as I did.

“Oh Theo.” I call as I hold him there with my hands in his hair, grinding my hips and pelvis against his mouth as he held me against him as best he could. Slowly I began to come down and regain my composure, shutting my eyes and laying back down upon my bed I can slowly feel my breath start to return to normal and my pulse steady. I can feel Theo move and lay next to be before he lays a soft kiss upon my cheek and began to gently stroke my cheek with his soft hands, slowly I open my eyes and silently we look into each others eyes not wanting to break the spell we had both seemingly fell under.

“Can I make love to you Nicky?” Theo whispered into my ear as I lay being cradled in his arms, turning to face him slightly I smile and nod. Kissing me with more passion than I have ever felt Theo moved into position and slowly entered me, not stopping until he was fully and deeply inside me.

“Theo.” I gasp as I feel his thick cock filling my tight pussy, wrapping my arms and legs around his body I pull him closer to me. Gently we tenderly make love in almost silence as we move as one, joined in passionate unison as we let ourselves get lost in the ever growing desires and emotions we both never expected to feel. Looking deep into each others eyes time becomes immaterial as we loose ourselves in the feelings we both create in each other, as I started to stroke his back gently he began to softly moan. Telling me how beautiful I am and asking me if I was ok often, I knew I could never regret this night and as I began stroking Theo’s neck he would pick up the pace of his thrusting slightly.

“Oh Nicky, don’t stop.” Theo softly moaned as I move my hips to match his own thrusts, soon I can feel another orgasm building inside of me and I too pick up my pace. Moving in unison I am still stroking Theo’s back and neck, pretty soon he is alerting me to the fact he wants to cum.

“Nicky I’m going to cum…” Pausing Theo slowed his thrusts almost to a standstill and whispered into my ear.

“I want to come inside you.” Looking deep into each others eyes I nod and pull him closer to me, kissing him with all the passion I can muster we began to pick up speed again. Pretty soon I can feel my pussy clench and tighten around his thick cock, feeling my own orgasm follow I call out his name.

“Oh Theo, I love you.” As I wrap my legs and arms tighter around him, never wanting these feelings to end. My actions cause Theo to cum also and tip over the edge, closing his eyes as he called out my name.

“Nicky, I love you too.” He breathlessly moans as I can feel his hot cum shooting deep inside my tight dripping wet pussy, pulling him closer I began kissing his neck trying to hold back the tears I knew would fall. As our breathing slows and our heartbeats return to normal Theo relaxed into my neck, silence is all around us as we regain our composure neither of us wanting to move or break the spell we were under. As we kiss I can feel him shrinking inside me and soon I can feel our cum running out of my pussy and down to my asshole.

Pulling out of me, Theo momentarily disappears returning with some tissues for us both. Cleaning first me and then himself up he is soon laying next to me in the centre of my bed, silence still surrounding us but both feeling relaxed and comfortable with each other. Silently we softly caress each other trying to stay awake and fight the exhaustion we are both feeling, kissing my forehead Theo spoke as he took me into his arms and held me close.

“I meant what I said you know? I’ve not felt like this in a long time, I loved you from the first moment we met.” Pulling me closer so that my back is against his solid chest I can feel him kissing my neck and wrapping his arms around me tighter, relaxing into his arms I close my eyes and listen as he continues.

“I know the age gap will cause problems, but I really do want to be with you. I don’t want this to be a one night stand, but I also want you to feel comfortable with ‘us’ ok?” Sighing I knew that I wanted Theo and although the age gap could cause me problems I was willing and more than happy to deal with it, turning to face him slightly I replied.

“I want you Theo, I want to be with you. I have since we first met, and I meant what I said too.” Pulling Theo close I kissed him with all I had and felt as he kissed me with the same passion, knowing what we both wanted I pulled away and smiled. Smiling back Theo pulled me closer into his arms and closed his eyes, closing my eyes too I cuddled further into his arms and chest.

“I’m glad I called you Theo, I love you.” I said once more before we both drifted off into a deep sleep, knowing neither of us would regret that night. As I dream of all the hurt and pain I had gone through I smiled to myself knowing that all this was in the past and that Theo had done something to me that night that no other man ever had, he stopped my tears and took the pain away.

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