Monday, June 23, 2008

My Letter To You... (GonG)

As I sit here, well lie here I think of you, and what I would like to do to you and with you. I can't resist slipping my hand down to my pussy, caressing it softly underneath my shorts. Slowly I begin to seek out my clitoris, gently inserting my finger inside my slightly wet pussy thinking of how I would like to kiss you. How soft I know your lips will be, and how nervous we will both be. Of course it would start as a soft quick kiss on the lips, maybe even just a peck. But I know I will not want to pull away, I will want to stay there, and I will want to slip my tongue inside your mouth. The more I think of this the wetter I become and the more lubricated my finger becomes; slowly I withdraw it a little and search for the nub of my clitoris. As I find it I can feel myself 'squirming' slightly as I enjoy the feelings this is creating in me, my mind drifts back to us kissing.

I don't know what it is you have unleashed in me (not that it's a bad thing!) but I can't stop myself from touching your body, almost instinctively I reach out and touch your skin for the first time. Your skin is so soft I can't help myself, as slowly I caress your sides, your back; pulling you closer as I do so. I want to touch you more intimately but I am shy and scared to in case it isn't what you want. Sensing my fear I would hope you would touch me back, softly stroking my back the way you know I love. Sighing slightly against your lips I slowly move my hands to your breasts, shaking slightly as I go. Hoping I was gentle enough and this was making you happy, you know I always worry about hurting you and you feeling uncomfortable. Closing my eyes I can see you before me as I slowly begin to seek out my clitoris, tensing and relaxing myself as I do.

Slowly I continue to caress your breasts and kiss you softly, alternating between soft kisses upon the lips and deep passionate kissing while slipping my tongue inside. Wanting and needing more I can no longer hold back, I need and want to know what it feels like; touching you somewhere I had only recently myself been able to touch on my own body. Making sure you want to go down this road, we head to the bed and lay side by side softly stroking and caressing each other’s bodies. As I kiss you deeply, I begin to slowly slide my hand down towards your pussy swallowing hard as I am inches away. Praying and hoping you don't pull away now and searching for a sign I tenderly move closer, as I let my fingers touch you I almost hold my breath swallowing hard again against your lips. I would hope a soft moan would escape from your lips against mine letting me know it was ok to continue.

As I lay here my eyes shut, I am thinking of you while I alternate between rubbing my clitoris and coating them with my juices from my wet pussy. Enjoying the feeling of my hand and fingers have upon me, wishing slightly it was your own fingers and hands doing this to me; creating these feelings in me. But that can be for another time; right now all I want is to please you; to touch you; to taste you. Letting my mind drift back to us, I can see the images of us kissing deeply and passionately as I slowly use my fingers to search out your pussy. Having already touched the outer lips I slowly slide one of my fingers inside, amazed at how it makes me feel and hoping it makes you feel the same way. Sliding my finger out of you I begin to seek out the nub of your clitoris, again slowly I stop just short and hold my breath again hoping and praying you don't push me away. Feeling how you don't object and pull away I slowly and softly begin to rub lightly, hoping you are enjoying it taken aback by the fact that I am. Pulling back I want to speak I want to say something, anything but find the words get stuck in my throat.

I feel like it's a now or never moment, I know I will never do this again if it isn't with you. You make me feel safe and loved, if we were an item I wouldn't be scared or shy or worried or afraid I would just feel loved and wanted and hopefully needed.

"Do you want me to stop?" I finally found my voice, finally found the words I wanted to say. Looking into your eyes I see no objection which leads me to my next question, looking you square in the eye I pray this will not upset things between us.

"May I use my tongue on you?" Touching you with my fingers to indicate I want to give you oral, I see a fear in your eyes and know it's not me you see. Pulling my hand away I hold you in my arms, hoping and praying our friendship will last. Knowing it would kill me inside if I lost your friendship over this, although I would know I wanted this I can also see that you don't. You know I would never push, rush or force the issue upon you. Whatever happens or doesn't happen is something two best friends could deal with and not let it affect their friendship, holding you tightly in my arms I kiss your forehead and slowly close my eyes. Feeling how my heartbeat and breath begin to return to normal, falling into a light slumber knowing that I would always love you no matter what.

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