Monday, June 23, 2008

Our First Time...

Harry not only works as a Director at the football but he also owns his own business and does business with many of our town’s big (and not so big!) businesses. Among which is the company my parents work for. He would often go round to their place of work and had become friends with both of them. And due to the football, he also became sort of a friend to me.

Harry stands at 6ft 2ins and has an athletic toned build. With boyish good looks, dark brown (with grey tints) hair and deep brown eyes that twinkle when he smiles, (a smile that, it has to be said could melt a mountain) he certainly cuts a very handsome and dashing figure. Harry is a perfect gentleman and is liked by all who know him or have dealings with him. He would do what ever he could to help you out and would always find time to chat with most people.

He is the kind of guy any woman, (and I mean ANY) woman could fall in love with! And a guy that I would be proud to call a boyfriend and be with!! However, so could his wife!!! Which is why when I start to have fantasies and feelings for him, I know that I must never act upon them. But this is a hell of a lot easier said than done! Especially when he’s such a nice guy and so kind and sweet to me!! It was the little things that made the difference to me!!!

He would always speak to me and would always stop at the end of a match to chat and would always make sure I got home safely. He was like a best friend to me! So how was I to know things were not as they seemed? How was I meant to know that there was more to his feelings than I thought? Harry was always the good guy. A man that would NEVER cheat on his wife and was as honest as the day is long!

It was Monday morning and my folks were just about to go to work, when Dad spoke; “Oh I forgot to tell you, Harry will be coming round for dinner tonight. Make sure the table set by half four Gabby.” and with that they were out and off to work. “Damn it.” I thought “I remember the last time he came round! I hope it isn’t like that again!!” I went upstairs and got dressed.

I began thinking about the last time Harry had been round. It was just a few weeks after dad had come out of Hospital after his by-pass. Harry had come round visiting one lunchtime and as my Dad was out at the Doctor’s, I was left in the house alone with Harry, waiting for my folks to get back.

Although there was never anything said between us, I could sense there was something, as I could feel his eyes watching me and every move I made. As soon as my folks came in, he spent the next hour (he’d already been with me for thirty minutes! Good job he’s his own boss!) Talking to my folks and me while standing up against the wall in front of me.

I couldn’t help but look at him and I remember taking a good long hard look at ALL of his body! And I remember he caught me doing this!! I just couldn’t take my eyes off him!! And he knew it!!! So I spent the rest of the hour, looking at him and fantasising about the things I’d like to do to and with him! I can also remember after he’d gone I went upstairs and had written down all those thoughts and feelings, but always kept them hidden away!

As I finished breakfast and did some house work I decided to have a shower and then get ready for tonight. As I was about to step into the shower I hear the door go and I race downstairs to answer it. As I do, I’m only dressed in a towel and it had become loose from the ‘sprint’ downstairs. There on my doorstep is a smiling Harry getting a good eyeful of my near naked body in front of him.

As we exchange greetings and I invite him in for coffee I express my shock at seeing him so early. He told me that he was just passing and wanted to change things so that he was taking us out to dinner. As I went to make him coffee I told him I didn’t see it as a problem. Harry comes and stands close by my side, not too close but close enough!

Harry is, as always dressed immaculately smart and clean in his dark grey suit and purple shirt! (I loved a man that wasn’t afraid of bold colours!) He is, as always clean shaven and smelling sweet! Not a hair out of place and I must admit looking damn fine!

As I reach to get the coffee cups, the loose fitting towel falls to the ground and in a blind panic I almost drop a cup. I spin around to try and recover not only the cup but also my dignity! As I managed to just about catch the cup I come face-to-face with what I can tell is a very turned on Harry, who hasn’t been able to take his eyes off my body.

Both I and Harry go to pick the towel up at the same time and as I scramble to get the towel around my now naked body our hands touch and our eyes meet. It’s like lighting bolts shooting through my body. As I blush, Harry tells me not to be embarrassed about it all and as we stand upright he helps me put the towel back around myself. He also lets his hands linger on my hips. I turn around and finish making the coffee, but Harry leaves his hands on my hips while standing behind me.

There’s one of my favourite songs playing on the radio, Black Velvet by Alannah Myles and almost without thinking I start to sway with the music. Harry let’s out a sigh and I suddenly remember where I am and clear my throat and tell him his coffee’s ready. As he moves back a little and I turn around I accidentally let my trailing arm (which was by my side) run over his groin area.

I can tell instantly that he’s hard, huge and very turned on! And seemingly not in the least bit embarrassed by my mistaken action. I apologise as I put the coffee on the kitchen table and as he sits down I ask him to excuse me as I feel I need to get dressed.

He pulled me a little closer to him and with a smile and twinkle in his big brown eyes tells me not to bother. And as he positions me so that I’m standing between his legs, he adds that he likes me just the way I am! As he’s smiling up at me, Harry’s running his big soft hands up and down my thighs and then my sides. The feelings I’m having through this alone as sensational.

Harry then takes the bold step of removing the towel I’m wearing. When he sees I’m not stopping him or objecting he pulls me onto his lap and begins kissing, touching and stroking my entire body. He gently and tenderly takes first one then the other breast into his hungry waiting mouth. The feelings are amazing and although I am enjoying them I pull away from him.

I was unsure as to what was happing, where it was going to go and more importantly, what I was thinking! Harry was a friend! A friend of the family!! And married!!! A decent, good man, that wouldn’t cheat on his wife! So what was I doing sat on his lap, naked and letting him kiss, touch and stroke me? This would be a bad idea and is wrong I said to myself. But it – HE – felt so good!

Harry could tell I was having second thoughts and sort of moved me off his lap, finished his coffee and got up and after putting the cup in the sink, went to leave. This was it. The moment I had thought about many times before. I could do something about the burning desire in not only my heart but also my loins or I could let him walk away and risk the fact that I may never again get the chance to ‘know’ what it feels like to be ‘loved’ by him! Hard choice!

As Harry passed me, he planted a small light peck on my cheek and went to walk out the door. It was then that I decided what I wanted. “Harry, please don’t go?” I just about heard myself say. I was surprised at how softly I said it. And was already scared of the reaction I’d get. I need not have worried though as his smile told me everything I needed to know. Harry gently pushed me up against the wall in front of the stairs and began telling me how sexy I looked and how much he wanted me and liked me.

As soon as Harry had kissed me I relaxed. It was so gentle and passionate, not too dry and not too wet, it was just perfect! We were both getting turned on and very horny by this point and I knew it wouldn’t take much or long before I came. Harry took the bold step of laying me on the stairs and then going down on me. He stayed there for ages and I knew he was going to make me cum when he also used his fingers to fuck me at the same time as licking my clit.

Not long afterwards I feel myself cuming and as I gasp and moan and hold his head in place I feel the aftermath washing over me like a wave. Harry pulls me up to my feet and takes off his shoes and jacket, while loosening his tie he ask me where the bedroom is. As I turned around and started to walk up the stairs, I look back and smile at him and use my index finger to summons him upstairs. He doesn’t need to be asked twice!

In the bedroom, Harry undresses as I watch. He asks what I’m looking at and why I’m watching him undress. I told him I loved his body and liked looking at him. I went up behind him and gently kissed his back as I let my hands wander all over his sexy body. I sat back on the edge of the bed as Harry turned round and continued watching and looking at his body. We kissed again and lay on the bed. While he and I talked he began to finger me and get me wet again.

Harry still had his boxers on and I was (I admit) dying to see his cock. It had felt so hard and big, I just needed to know. As we continued to kiss and play I made the bold move and began playing with his cock through his boxers. He was certainly big and hard and when I finally did managed to ‘release’ him from the boxers I had to do a double take on his cock! He was huge!! And I mean HUGE!!! It was so big I wasn’t sure I could take it all. Or, for that matter just what he was going to do with his monster cock!!!

As I began to feel the start of a major orgasm, I forgot how big Harry was and took him in my mouth. The idea of this was also to slow things down a little. But he was having none of that and went down on me again. This begun to blow my mind and very soon I was climaxing once again. Soon after Harry had climbed in between my legs and was poised to enter me in the missionary position. He then did a strange thing. He asked me if he could make love to me.

I didn’t need to be asked twice! And with that Harry slowly and softly entered me. And continued going until he was deep inside me. He was still so big though and I had to ask him (almost plead him) to be gentle with me, which he of course did. Although he was strong and passionate, he was also soft, tender, slow and gentle. This turned me on even more!

We made love like this for over an hour and I was starting to wonder where he got all his energy from! But I had already cum twice before and now a third time. What more could he do to or for me? Make me cum one last time! But this time it would be a very special time! Soon after Harry had come, he was back between my legs with his tongue and fingers. I was so horny that the reactions I had when he touched me surprised even myself.

Oh My God was this really what they meant when they said only a few women can truly ‘climax?’ Is this how it’s meant to be? Oh my God, it felt amazing! The feeling of Harry’s soft tender hand and tongue working me up and soon I’m at the point of no return and I’m saying that I want to cum and it feels like I want to pee. And Harry telling to just relax and let it go and let the feeling wash over me.

And when I do ‘climax’ oh boy, do I climax! I can see stars and I feel dizzy and light headed. The room starts to spin and I can feel my whole body float up to the sky! I lay there with my eyes shut and travel to my own little paradise. I’m lost in the moment and the feelings that I’m having when I think I can hear my name being called. “Gabby baby, are you ok? I didn’t hurt you did I?” It was Harry’s voice and he sounded concerned and I figured out why. I was crying.

“Oh Harry, I’m fine it’s just that I have never experienced anything like that before!” I slowly sat up and wiped my eyes. As I looked at him I could see a puzzled look come upon his face. “You mean to say that nobody has ever made you feel that way? Made you ejaculate like that? Never treated you like that? Baby why?”

I was shocked at the question. I mean I had been “had” many times before and had been “sexually active” for a while, but I had never been ‘made love’ to! All I could do was shake my head. Harry smiled and pulled me close to him. He was warm and smelled gorgeous! I cuddled down next to him and we both drifted off into a light sleep.

I awoke to another of my favourite songs playing on the radio, Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls. And as I lay there I watched Harry sleep for a while and I felt an enormous feeling of guilt. How could I have done this with a friend? With such a nice guy? How could I make a faithful and happily married man stray? I was such a bad person! I got up and went to get dress, but I felt a hand on my arm pulling me back.

I couldn’t look in his eyes and apologised for leading him astray. He told me to stop being so daft and then told me of how his marriage was a mess and had been over for a long time now. We talked about how things had gotten on top of him and how he needed the love of a good woman to give him strength. I knew that I was going to fall in love with this man and told him of my fears and in turn this silently told him how I felt and what I wanted.

After a long ‘chat’ Harry kissed me and went to lighten the mood. He said that since I was on my way to have a shower he thought we should go and do that. We get into the shower and adjust the temperature and stand close together under the warm water. It feels so good and even better when Harry starts to wash me with the soap. Using his hands all over my body. After a little while he takes some shampoo and washes my hair. I can feel myself getting lost in these feelings again.

But as I’m relaxing and almost falling asleep with these feelings Harry takes his finger and moves it to my pussy. This sends a jolt though my body. I can feel him start to finger my pussy and kiss my neck. He gently leans me forward and enters me from behind. Holding on to my hips he starts to pump away at my eager pussy. He moves a hand to my clit and begins to rub it. I can feel my knees start to buckle and I reach out to steady myself as I cum again.

I turn around and kiss Harry passionately on the lips, we then get out of the shower and go back to my room to dry off. We kiss and hold each other while we talk mainly about what had just happened but also life in general. It felt so good to be in his arms! I felt safe, so relaxed and comfortable. It was already late in the afternoon and by the time we had got dried and dressed, it was nearly half six, the time my folks came home from their work!

We had just managed to get downstairs as my folks walked in the door. I don’t know who were more surprised, them or me and Harry!!! They made some comment about Harry being there so early, but he just said he was passing by and that he wanted to take us out for dinner. So while my folks dressed, myself and Harry waited downstairs. When they had got upstairs, he immediately came up behind me and kissed me so passionately. And almost begged me to see him again!

Well, what could I do? It was and is the best night of my life and I’m so glad now that I made that pass at him and didn’t let him walk out the house! He’s the most amazing lover I have ever or will ever have!

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