Monday, June 23, 2008

Love Letter From Peter.

My dear sweet Gabrielle,

It isn't often that I experience a moment of such clarity and illumination as I did repeatedly over the past week; it was the realization, once again, of just how dear you have become to me and how much I miss you every day! I know that this may someday frighten you with the intensity of my feelings and I hope that this is never the case! It is just that in writing to you to express my feelings and hearing in return from you, I feel a fulfillment that I have never truly known before. I realize, my love that I'm very much older than you but this in no way diminishes either my ardor or the way your words stir the heat so deep in my soul. It just gets so hard (even now, as I put these words to paper) and my hands tremble as my heart races; it is almost scary the effect that you have on me, my sweet Gabrielle.

I envision us lying together on our soft bed with our arms around each other and gazing deeply into each other's eyes from our position on the pillows. I can smell the sweetness of the scent from your body as you drape your leg over my thigh. As we touch our lips together in a blessed morning kiss (Oh God- the honey sweet taste of your lips!), you hips move slowly along my legs and your silken smooth pussy rubs against me. You moan softly into my mouth as you start to flow in the first dewy cum of the morning and my legs feels the heat from you.

I raise my hands to cradle the sides of your face and continue to rain ever firmer kisses upon your welcoming lips; our tongues slide slickly along the other! I then lower my head to your shoulder and, cradling me in your arm, you bring your nipple to my straining mouth. I reach up and as you tease my lips with your turgid nip, I lunge just enough to capture it in my mouth. As I suck and nibble until your milk starts its flow into my parched throat, I take your other breast in my hand and gently squeeze it and tease the nipple as your moans are becoming stronger. You have increased the motion of your pussy against my thigh now and are flowing copiously. Your wet, hot pussy is rubbing against the bottom of my soft shaved balls now and, as you reach to highest point of your heaving hips, my rigid cock is stroked by that warm pussy juice!

No longer able to lie still, I lift you up until you are straddling my hips with your wide-spread knees. Your hands are on either side of my head now and I draw you down to bring your lips to mine for long lingering and passionate kisses. As our lips meet, you sway your breasts slowly and the hard nipples rub against my hairless chest bringing them to an even more excited state! The friction causes even more milk to flow; now in almost a constant stream. I lift you upwards to brings your hanging tits over my mouth and, as I look up into your shining eyes, I take each tip in turn between my teeth and pull hard (not enough to hurt you – I would never do that!) but enough to create a nipple-driven orgasm and your cries of joy mingle with mine around your sweet breast!

I lift you up until you are on your knees and I roll to the side of the bed taking you with me. As I sit on the side of the bed, I lift your body until you wrap your legs around my waist. Then, supporting your delightful ass cheeks with my hands, I lower you until the open petals of your pussy just touch the tip of my hard cock! You are streaming cum from your orgasm and it is flowing downwards to cover my cock. Meanwhile, my own precum is lubing your pussy as I ever so slowly lower you until you fully rest with my cock deep inside you! Your legs wrap themselves tighter around my waist as you struggle to rise on my cock but I hold you firmly impaled! I pull you closer to me until our upper bodies are almost as one; your milk-covered tits are pressed firmly against my chest and our nipples are rubbing together – this causes mine to grow hard as eraser tips! As we once again crush our lips together in heated passion, we rub together to create more and more pressure on our nipples and I feel your pussy tightening around my throbbing cock as the tingling in our nipples flows into our joined sexes.

As you start to moan indicating that you are almost there, I lift you with my hands and then lower you in a constant plunging motion of my cock inside your pussy. With your strong legs you are pulling yourself deeper and harder against me each time and we both cry out together as our thrashing bodies are joined in mutual orgasms! Your pussy grips me in multiple spasms as I cum again and again shooting up into you!

Your head falls on my shoulder as you continue to orgasm over and over. I lift you up by standing beside the bed and, turning to lay you on the edge, I lift your legs from around my waist to my shoulders and continue to drive my still hard cock into you until you have cum another three times! I finally manage a small climax and fill you one more time as you spasm one more time!

I gently lower your legs and turn your body until you are resting on your pillow. As you lay there slowly recovering your breath, I move quickly into the bathroom and return with several warm, wet face clothes and proceed to wipe your body clean and sweet as the flower you are. As I reach your hips, you smile and spread your legs wide so that I can clean you there! Of course, rather than the cloth, I lower my head and, with my tongue, happily lick you completely clean. The taste of you and I together is so wonderful that my cock starts to get firm again! Oh Lord! The affect you have on me is incredible, my darling!

Not to be outdone – as my oral ministrations brings you to another series of orgasms - you take my growing cock in your soft hands and draw it down to your mouth. As I continue to run my tongue from your clit to your puckered rear and then plunge it into your pussy, you take my cock deep into your mouth until it touches the back of your throat. You suck me harder and harder and run your tongue the length of my 9" cock until you reach the tip. There you lap at the sensitive cockhead until I moan into your pussy that I am going to cum AGAIN!! You stroke the length of my cock with both your hands while sucking and licking around the glands! The sensations are going to drive me over the edge and I lash and suck hard on your clit as you suck me harder and pull my into your mouth; my cock swells and I drive myself deep into your mouth as I cum until you have sucked me dry. Meanwhile, I have continued to nip on your clit and finger fuck you as deep as I can until your pussy grips my fingers and tongue in a massive orgasm that sends sprays of your sweet cum down my hands and into my mouth!

I turn around and fall upon you in a deep tongue-exchanging kiss while we exchange each other's tastes and juices! As we do, we are both virtually in tears with the extremity of the feelings!

I enfold you in my arms, my darling, and we fall into a dreamless sleep together.

I cannot wait until we see each other again. Looking forward to that day when you can finally be mine and we no longer have to hide our love and feelings for one another.

Yours Longingly


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